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What are the best ways to stop using sleep meds?

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Ashley Hendrickson



But also work on identifying the root cause. Anxiety? Stress? Hormones? Gut Health? Food Sensitivities? Any and all of these can be a factor.

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Stop screen time of all types 1-2 hour before bed, google "sleep hygiene" for a bunch of great tips. Do something relaxing before bed, try not to do stressful things 1-2 hours before bed. Make sure your room is at a comfortable temperature and dark, cooler temps are better for sleeping. There are many natural sleep aids you can take instead of otc or prescription ones but be careful about mixing them in your transition.

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If you're being kept awake by an over-active mind, Bach Flower Remedies can really help. White Chestnut stops mental chatter. If you are tired, this will normally allow you to fall asleep.

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You need to work with a practitioner who can rule out other imbalances in your system that could be causing the sleep issues. For example, Hormonal, virus, bacteria, sensitivity to something in the room you are sleeping in, the positioning of the bed in your room, EMF's in teh room, etc...........

Rebecca Yates
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Cedarwood Oil. This oil helps the brain stimulate the production of melatonin. And for myself it shuts down all of that overthinking and helps me unwind like nothing else. It is high in sesquiterpenes which deletes bad information from our cells, and of course,remember set a bed time and stay with it,daily exercise and limit stimulus before bed. There are other oils that can be use for better sleep,this just one of my favorites.

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The best way to address this is to understand why you need them. Why are you not sleeping? There are many things that stop us from falling asleep easily, or staying asleep and getting a restful sleep. The most efficient way to understand the "why" is to read the iris of the eye, that represents the condition and functionality of the body. Then address the reason of the non sleep. As your sleep patterns improve you no longer need meds, so you can slowly taper off. Remember it is not safe to stop them suddenly. I also agree with trying the things Danielle has suggested in the previous comment.

Danielle Camastra

Hi Melissa. There are many sleep hacks. Shawn Stevensons "Sleep Smarter" has some great remedies. Also, some quick tries are: clean up your sleep hygiene (no computers, cell phones, TV) in the bedroom; use a sound soother, stretch or take an epsom salt bath at night, do some meditation as your going to bed, try some low dose melatonin (start with 3mg), or try "Calm" Magnesium drink (sold in most health food stores). Those are a few quick tips. Lastly, If you're taking benzodiazepines or prescription sleep aids, if able, start lowering the dose to taper off - as to avoid withdrawals. Be aware it may take several days to weeks to get your body back to it's natural sleep pattern. Good luck!

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Melissa, have you ever tried yoga nidra? I use an app called Insight Timer. You listen to it as you go to sleep and it guides your awareness through your body, relaxing you one step at a time. Works for me every night.

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This is a long answer not just including meds. Lifestyle habits come into play as well. You’re welcome to shoot me a text or call if you like and I can help you out.

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