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What are your best strategies for eating an aligned diet while traveling? (GF, Dairy Free, Sugar Free)

What "fast" options have you found helpful? What kind of preparation works for you? Any other hacks I don't know about? #help :)

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Donna Vincent, NLC, Pn1

If I'm traveling and staying in a hotel, I will bring a small crockpot and blender... if we are driving to our destination. Then I pack fruits, nuts/seeds, my gluten free oatmeal for breakfast, always bring my plant-based protein mix, make sweet potato chips, veggies, hummus. You can also make smoothies, freeze them in mason jars and then while driving, they'll start to thaw.

Andrea Short

Planning ahead! This always helps when you're traveling to new cities and don't know what's available. Either plan ahead by researching available restaurants to go to, or pack your own snacks. I ALWAYS have my gluten free/dairy free/vegan protein shake on hand and this has saved me many times!

Haywood Simmons, Jr.
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Travel Foods that Last. Avocado bowls with sugar free flax or blue chips, Brazil nuts, walnuts, infused water. Lentil and kale soup in a hot sealed container, Berry mix in a small cup. Breathing and staying calm while hydrating a good idea. Quinoa, prunes, beets travel well and so does beet juice. Find a way to get reshi mushrooms in and shiitake.

Owner/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

definitely find some bars or non-perishable snacks that you like that align with your diet choice (I always carry a few of my healthier protein bar choices on trips eg RX bars, nuGO bars, Orgain bars, etc). also do some research on restaurant options in the area you'll be traveling to to find options that may meet your needs, what options may be available for complimentary breakfast, and whether or not your hotel has a refrigerator. If there is a fridge in the room, stop and get some healthier perishable snacks/meals that you can keep in the room if you don't feel like eating a meal out

Venessa Tkachev

I usually buy some snacks such as fruit, coconut date rolls are a fave, and veggies with hummus. If I am able, I pack a meal too. Otherwise I hunt down a sub/ sandwich restaurant in the airport. I am vegan, so theres usually a struggle involved. I do research ahead of time on the airports I will be in, and figure out what are my meal options. Sometimes I get extra lucky and find a juice/smoothie cafe, or a very vegan friendly restaurant. Hope this helps!

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