What can be done for lower back pain while walking? My pain has lasted for the last year, and then it went away for a few years, and it has since returned. There isn't a known event that caused the pain to return and it doesn't hurt while sitting. - Heal.me
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Lower Back Pain

What can be done for lower back pain while walking? My pain has lasted for the last year, and then it went away for a few years, and it has since returned. There isn't a known event that caused the pain to return and it doesn't hurt while sitting.

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Dr. Jessica Klain PT, DPT
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Lots of good suggestions below....there is such a wide variety because your back pain can be caused by so many things. A clinical exam is essential to determine what the cause of your back pain and then make an efficient treatment plan to address it.

Generally, low back pain tend to present in "episodes". Meaning that back pain can come and go, last for a short time or a long time, or just be constant background noise. Treating the root cause now is ideal!

Well being is experiential, not abstract. Awareness Through Movement allows you to outsmart pain and experience the pleasure of your body being all connected.

I love the idea of walking on uneven surfaces, like cobbled streets, sand, grass. You adjust naturally.

Are you aware of your "acture" your ability to move in all directions? Your lower back is part of your spine, and sensing how you move your pelvis and spine may be the key you need for ease in your lower back.

Kym- Helena - The Alternative Health Detective
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This is not uncommon, lower back pain can be from many imbalances in the body. You could experience lower back pain from an imbalance in the liver, kidneys, or reproductive organs or perhaps a misalignment of the colon. spinal misalignment or a blocked meridian or a combination of all of the above. The best way to find out to ask your body what the underlying causes are. Through muscle testing and The Body Code, we can find out exactly what is causing your pain. Most of our "symptoms" are due to past traumas and emotional baggage that we are still carrying around with us, that are lodged in different areas of our body. Releasing these traumas and trapped emotions can reduce and even eliminate your 'symptoms".
I would love to help you find the answers you are looking for and to help relieve your pain. I am here to serve.

Daniel Gilbert
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More often than not, an unbalanced psoas (core muscle group connecting your femurs to your lumbar vertebrae) is at the source of most lower back issues. The quadratrus lumborum (QL) muscles may also be involved along with the more superficial musculature. Rolfing is a great modality which acts to balance our entire human structure and to release any sort of chronically held pain.

Matthew and Allison Lapp
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As many have already stated the body holds emotional, chemical and physical traumas in tension patterns. It sounds like it is a long standing pattern that could be due to a combination of the above mentioned micro or perhaps macro-traumas. Depending on what avenue you are seeking, many things can be done. We are actually local to you and would love to have a conversation to see if you would be a good candidate for the type of care we provide. We have helped several people who wish to get out and enjoy our beautiful area without pain.

David Couch

You might want to consider speaking to a naturopath. It's possible that your iliolumbar ligaments have lost some of their elasticity. If that's the case, it could cause instability in the hips and lower back which then causes other muscles to overcompensate. I've found that chiropractic and deep tissue massage help. None of which would show up in an X-Ray or MRI.

In "hippie-speak" issues with the lower back, in general, have been related to feeling a lack of support (emotionally speaking). It could also be that the back problems are the perfect excuse keeping you from taking a step you need to take in your life that would help propel you forward in your journey that you're afraid to take.

Kym- Helena - The Alternative Health Detective
Emotion Code/ Body Code Practioner, Health Coach

In my experience as an Emotion Code/ Body Code practitioner is that when pain appears for no apparent reason it is from either trapped emotions or traumas. Your lower back pain could be from an emotional imbalance such as fear from your Kidneys or humiliation from the Uterus.
Once you remove the trapped emotion or trauma from the organ or gland the pain diminishes.
For example, when we have an imbalance in our Gall Bladder we will feel discomfort behind our right knee as that is the muscle connection to the Gall bladder. Once the Gall Bladder is brought back into balance through emotional release, the pain behind the knee will go away.

I hope that helps to explain why you can feel pain for no apparent reason.

There may be a few other imbalances that are causing your pain but they are easy to detect and release.

I would be love to help you eliminate your pain and get to the root of the problem.

Teena Johnson
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Pain in specific situations and not in others takes a bit of looking to see what may be causing it.
You may have a disk or facet joint issue or may be a muscle imbalance.
Our weight and the position of the vertebrae are different in walk vs sit positions.
Have you had images taken during this period?
Massage with attention to the musculature that may be pulling at the low back may be in order, along with some other things- like using topical magnesium etc.
I see you are in Dallas, I would be happy to have a look at your posture and movement to see what we may need to address. My office is at LBJ and Hillcrest.

Neil Hall
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Our Bowen Technique can usually help with this type of situation. It help the body to return to normal, helping to balance it. We work with the whole body so we help with leg and foot problems that may be causing stress on the back. we also work with the hips, & low back which also works with the pelvic should there be a problem there. Occasionally there may be some upper back or neck situations affecting the back so we check that out also. Feel free to call us we are here in Abilene. (325) 676-9227. We offer a free consulation so we both can evaluate your situation.

Eve Bernfeld
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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this pain! I hope you are able to see someone who can look at how you walk and move generally. Here are a couple of things to try. First, before you begin walking, think of your body being Soft & Tall. And refresh the idea while you're walking. Most of us have habits of stiffness or collapse (or both!) in the way we walk. Thinking of walking Soft & Tall can help with those habits. Also, do you have a strong heel-strike when you walk? If you're not sure, check out your shoes. If they wear down quickly in the heel, you probably do. But a hard heel-strike puts a lot of pressure on the low back. Experiment with taking slightly smaller steps, so your feet stay a little more underneath your pelvis. It will probably feel weird, but it might just help. Good luck!

Dorothy Rodwell, LMFT
Licensed Psychotherapist


If there is no medical reason for your back pain please look at the work of Dr. John Sarno (there is a video of a 20/20 TV show segment about him that explains his perspective). Dr. Sarno's perspective is that the pain is real.... and coming from an emotion that is leading to a lack of oxygen in the lower back. His protocol to relieve the pain is simple yet often effective. I have seen it work with folks who absolutely think that it's silly to think this pain is based on emotions... and it works anyway.

Best wishes, Dorothy Rodwell

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Your experience of pain while walking, and not while sitting, points to a mechanical or structural alignment issue. Is it the way you land on your feet (toes pointing out or in, pronation, supination)? Is it your stride (landing on your heels or toes or somewhere on between)? Is your head dropping forward and shoulders rounded? Are you leaning back too far? It would be great to have someone watch you walk or film you and give you feedback.
Our bodies are very wise. Trust that it is teaching you - every step of the way.

Owl Chrysalis Medicine
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this question has a lot of variable that make it difficult to answer. There are a lot of things that one can do while walking to address back pain but it depends on the cause of your back pain. Is your pain coming from a surgery? or bulging disk? is it just sore from bad mechanics? without being able to look at you i would say the first thing to do is check on the direction of your feet while walking. Are your toes outward? inward? one straight and the other one off? all of these will affect the knees and low back? try paying close attention to your feet and attempt to make sure they face directly forward as such as you can. remember our feet are narrowest at the heel and fan out toward the toes. this means "forward" is going to look and possibly feel a little "pigeon toed." meaning the line that the inside of your foot to your big toe makes will not be parallel but the toes will be a little closer that the heels should be when standing still. I hope this helps. If you post more information about your pain I will get back to you with more specific instructions but this should be a good start.

Christian Drugan

have you tried walking barefoot on a nice surface such as grass or sand spend time enjoying feeling of being grounded.

Lottie Cooper
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I have supported people relieving back pain for over 20 years. What I have noticed is much back pain with or without former injury has hidden subconscious emotions and beliefs stored in it. Back pain is often associated with an unprocessed experience.. Also there might be an emotional component, and former trauma that has come up. When working with clients, I ask questions to the body, the body reveals information, I use energy work and long distance healing, as well as intuitive analysis of 20 years experience, to uncover what it could be. Is this something you might be looking for? If so, it might be appropriate to have a conversation, so I can learn more about you and your situation?

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