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What is Medical Hypnoanalysis?

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I'm a therapist who works with people to help them find clarity, balance, and ease on mental and emotional levels.

Here is a way to introduce Hypnoanalysis, coming from different brochures from colleagues: "Hypnoanalysis provides valuable insight regarding the origin of destructive thought patterns and behavior. It takes courage to seek help and to work with the difficult emotions that sometimes surface in therapy. Clients appreciate the insights gained when troubling issues are resolved at their core."

Sometimes talking about feelings is something that we avoid, even unconsciously, but deep inside of us is where the problem is. If other methods are not sufficiently powerful, then I would suggest you keep this in mind.

The problem (for which one has been seeking treatment )is located in the subconscious part of the brain, in the amygdala, which is not accessible by talking about it. The conscious part of the brain does not have direct access to the subconscious.

However, when people are in hypnosis, we do have that access. While a person is in hypnosis, we can find out the cause of the problem, what to do about it, resolve past traumas that are the cause of the problem, and develop new, more positive ways of living life.

When you are in hypnosis, we can actually change the conditioning which is in that part of the brain causing the problems.

I actually witnessed a woman who had been in therapy, talk therapy, for 20 years, and, after about 30 sessions of Hypnoanalysis, was already acknowledging that she felt different inside. This way she could change her behavior, where, in her case, she had to constantly please everyone- this all came from the foundation of childhood, which was manifested in the symptoms where she needed to be perfect and developed an eating disorder. Now, however, not only does she have a different perspective, but she is able to feel free without having to force herself, without having to " white knuckle it."

In the "age regression" she connected with the origin of her self sabotage , which was one of her symptoms, and she could figure out what was the secondary gain. Secondary gain relates to the subconscious mind’s reason to maintain the problem.

In hypnoanalysis we can figure out what are the reasons for people not getting any better. And then we can resolve those reasons. The goal is to get the sense of the more comfortable, healthy self who has a feeling of well-being.

The problems( deficits) originated in the past, but the subconscious mind does not really know that those experiences are past, over and done with. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the different between past and present. It acts like the problems in the past are still going on now.

AAMH Hypnoanalysis is a framework for the rapid and effective treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders without the use of medications ( while you can simultaneously be on medication).
Hypnosis is a tool used in the protocol of the treatment process. Many organizations teach how to induce the hypnotic state but often those who learn these techniques want to know how to utilize the hypnotic state most effectively. AAMH Hypnoanalysis is the framework in which the hypnotic state brings about rapid, long lasting change.
If you like, you can also google the AAMH website to learn more about this fantastic process.

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