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What is the difference between guided imagery and hypnosis?

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Guided imagery is used by many practitioners to help you relax or make other positive changes using the mind/body connection. As a hypnotherapist, I use guided imagery and related tools to help you reduce stress, gain confidence, overcome trauma, and make other positive changes at a subconscious level, which is often permanent. Schedule your free consultation with me today to find out what hypnotherapy can do for you. Talk soon!

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Guided imagery is also known as guided meditation. Dolores Cannon blurred the borders even more than the natural overlap between this and hypnosis. Dolores dropped a number of the technical parts of hypnosis and focused more on utilizing imagery to establish the connection with the higher self. The sessions are extremely interactive and instead of implanting ideas into the subconscious, as is the focus of traditional hypnotherapy, the goal is to elicit the information from the subconscious as to what's happening, why, and how to resolve it. Dolores labeled her method "unconventional hypnosis", and this style is utilized in a variety of modalities today.

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There is some overlap between the two, because both involve entering a naturally
immersive altered state. However, there are a few key differences. During a guided
imagery session, you’re in a purely receptive, listening state (aka, the practitioner is
doing all the talking), whereas hypnosis can involve more two-way interaction.
Hypnosis also tends to be goal-oriented - quitting an undesirable habit, for instance. Guided imagery, although frequently focused on stress relief or relaxation, can also be directed towards achieving a goal, such as transforming a body-centered issue or helping to support the body’s healing resources.

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