My story began in the high-pressure world of celebrity styling, a career that brought not only glamour but immense stress. The constant demands and expectations wore me down, leading to a state of severe burnout. This challenging professional life, however, was just one part of my journey. In 2018, my personal life took a turn with the birth of my child. The experience was far from what I had anticipated; it was traumatic, plunging me into a deep postpartum depression and anxiety. This was a darkness unlike anything I had ever known. I was lost, unable to recognize myself in the mirror. Everything about me seemed wrong – my appearance, my body, even my c-section scar. My newly developed cystic acne added the cherry on top. The simple act of dressing up, which once was a part of my daily routine, became a daunting task. I was at my lowest, struggling with the simple tasks required to exist.

When I looked for help, my doctor suggested medication like Lexapro to alleviate my symptoms. He assured me that in a few weeks, I would feel more like myself and be ready to return to work. But having had experiences with pharmaceuticals in the past that didn't help, I hesitated. Despite my desperate desire for a quick fix, something deep within me resisted. I decided against the medication and instead, turned my focus towards holistic healing.

My journey to recovery did not involve conventional therapies or pharmaceuticals. I had refused them from the start, choosing to trust my intuition that guided me towards a different path. It was during this search for alternative healing that I came across a holistic postpartum specialist. She introduced me to a world I had never known – cognitive therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation, and visualization. These practices slowly helped me claw my way out of the darkness. Meditation, in particular, was a beacon of hope. It not only provided me with moments of stillness but also reconnected me with my faith, with God, and my angels. As I practiced gratitude and affirmations, I gradually found peace and happiness, something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Just as I was finding my footing, 2020 brought new challenges. Pregnant with my second daughter, I aimed for a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) amidst a world gripped by fear due to the pandemic. The mindful practices that had once helped me were no longer effective. Overwhelmed and sinking back into darkness, I was desperate for relief. It was then that an online acquaintance suggested Breathwork. Though I had tried it before without much impact, I was willing to give it another chance. The online session I attended for an hour changed everything. The emotional release, the intensity of the experience, and the feeling of lightness afterward were indescribable. I had let go of so much trauma that had been residing in my body, and I felt liberated.

When it was time to give birth in the hospital, amidst fear and uncertainty, I relied on my deep conscious breathing to find peace. This practice allowed me to labor at home comfortably before heading to the hospital. During the birth, when my baby girl got stuck, and I found myself in fight, flight, or freeze mode, I turned to a fear-releasing breathwork recording. It helped me have an almost out-of-body experience, and before I knew it, my daughter was in my arms. That moment was a testament to the power of breath and connecting with my body.

Inspired by my experiences, I became a certified breathwork facilitator and spiritual coach. I realized the incredible power of breath in transforming not just moments but lives. It became clear to me that breathwork was a tool for soul transformation, something even more profound than the physical transformations I facilitated as a stylist. Now, I offer breathwork sessions and healing on a one-on-one basis, which can range from an hour to two of breathing, clearing, visualizing, and healing. My approach in styling has also evolved; I incorporate conscious breathing to help my clients clear their minds before dressing, ensuring they can fully embody their style.

In addition to private sessions, I conduct virtual events, retreats, and full moon circles, with plans for in-person retreats in the near future.

The profound impact of breathwork on my life compelled me to create a tool that could extend this healing practice to others. I developed my own app, "Breathe and B." This app is like having me in your pocket, offering guidance to breathe consciously and deeply, and divinely helping you return to your true self through the power of breath.

Through these platforms, I aim to guide people back to themselves, using breath as the key to unlocking their true potential, healing their bodies, minds, and spirits. My goal is to help others find happiness, abundance, and breakthroughs, just as I did, by tapping into the divine power of breath.