I’ve been working as an Assistant Director and Producer for television and film for the past ten years. In February of 2022, the six-month show I had been working on was coming to an end and I was exhausted. Not only from the long production hours, but from life itself. I was tired of being verbally and emotionally abused by the people I worked with. I was tired of pursuing partners who didn’t respect or appreciate me. I was tired of essentially breaking my own heart, something I hadn't realized that I was doing.

At the time, my feelings seemed to be in the hands of others, easily swayed and influenced by their actions and words. I didn't yet understand what it meant to "choose how to feel", as I had habitually let others shape my reactions and moods. If they got upset with me, I would beat myself up, if they mistreated me, I convinced myself that I deserved it. It was up to me to change how I treated myself so that I could then allow others to treat me differently as well.

I knew I had to change, but I didn’t know how. I had been on a spiritual path (journaling, meditating, practicing yoga), but I hadn’t allowed myself to fully embrace these practices and truly drop in. I was finally ready to do whatever it took to take my power back and create the life I truly wanted to live. This meant that I needed to give myself the time to actually do the inner work. The thought of finally facing my demons was terrifying, but everything inside of me told me that it was the only way I was going to create significant change. 

I had tried talk therapy, but it didn't quite facilitate the deep introspection needed for self-forgiveness and surrendering my ego.

Not knowing where to find the answers I was looking for, I made the decision to take a few months off of work and dive deep into a healing journey. I had no intention of coming out of it a healer, but once you’ve acknowledged you’ve been living in darkness and learned how to crawl your way out of it, your entire world changes. On this healing journey is when I was introduced to reiki, transformational breathwork, sound healing, ecstatic dance, and many other holistic healing methods. 

Here’s a little bit more about the transformative healing modalities that steered me towards enlightenment, which I now passionately teach:

Reiki: A gentle practice that eases the mind into a tranquil state, often catalyzing profound personal shifts.

Transformational Breathwork: An intense, active practice that engages the fight-or-flight response to release deeply held traumas.

Sound Healing: Utilizes vibrational frequencies to promote mental and physical healing and restoration.

Yoga: A harmonizing practice combining breath and movement to enhance mental clarity and physical balance.

Ecstatic Dance: A liberating movement meditation that fosters emotional release and elevates self-esteem.

These modalities started entering my life one after the other, when I needed them the most. As I engaged with each practice, I transitioned from feeling undervalued and emotionally strained to a state of empowerment and inner peace. This transformation not only bettered my relationship with myself but also significantly improved my interactions with others. Seeing the profound impact these practices had on my life, I was inspired to get certified and master them. With the goal to help others on their path from pain and self-doubt to healing and self-discovery. 

On my journey, I faced several tough lessons. First, I learned to be alone without feeling lonely. Then, I realized I couldn't change or save others, and no one else could save me. Finally, I understood that surrendering the ego was my only path forward. If you can accomplish these three things, then you will feel a sense of freedom that many only dream of. 

I feel so incredibly light from all of the generational trauma I was able to release. Because of this, I decided to call my company The Light Life. It’s a place for people to find their truest selves, for them to create a better life… a light one.

A special treatment that I offer is an eight-week Sacred Self Love Journey that involves reiki, breathwork, yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation, nature walks, sound healing, and a cacao ceremony. The program is structured weekly, with each one focusing on a specific chakra and healing method, supplemented with journal prompts and activities like rebounding and pranayama. Optional plant medicine journeys are also available. You can choose to participate individually or in a group setting. 

There is no end to our growth, and now that I have learned the tools to help get me through any challenge, it is my honor to offer them to others on their healing journey.