Growing up, my self-esteem was low, and I struggled a lot with feelings of not belonging and instances of betrayal. These issues stemmed from enduring random bullying, social targeting and possibly narcissistic abuse in my early life, leaving me unknowingly with many symptoms of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). I often felt blamed, punished and misunderstood, which caused me to believe there was something inherently wrong with me. This left me feeling fearful of others, defensive, people-pleasing and engulfed in self-judgment/gaslighting.

While I had no shortage of people to talk to, talk therapy alone didn't appeal to me. I needed more than just conversation; I needed a way to access the trauma-based thoughts that were deeply influencing my mind and the overwhelming physical feelings in my body.

In my early twenties, amid the turmoil of a very painful heartbreak, I turned to holistic healing. Those deep-seated feelings of something being inherently wrong with me were a painful echo of my feelings of isolation in childhood. In this vulnerable state, I found solace in yoga. It became my refuge from spiraling into that familiar abyss of self-doubt and fear, a practice that grounded me, and brought me presence. Each time I practiced, I noticed a greater sense of balance, control and inner peace.

It was a few years later that I was introduced to The Emotion Code. This healing method, which utilizes manual muscle testing to identify and release trapped negative emotions, piqued my curiosity. Initially, I approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism – could something this "woo-woo" really help? But by the end of my third session with a practitioner, I was blown away. She had consistently managed to tap into and address very specific issues that seemed buried deep within me. The accuracy of her insights and the sense of relief I was beginning to feel were undeniable. 

This transformative experience was a revelation, showing me the profound impact of trapped energy on the mind and body. It inspired me to learn the inner workings of energy work, leading me to become certified in The Emotion Code as soon as I could, eager to help others unlock this path to emotional healing and self-discovery.

My growing curiosity about holistic healing led me to dive deeper into exploring other modalities. I found myself drawn to Reiki, initially experiencing it through a session over Zoom. Again, the session was surprisingly profound. The practitioner's insights were, once again, not only accurate but deeply resonated with me. Not to mention the literal feelings of energy shifting within me during the process. This marked a significant milestone in my healing journey, demonstrating the powerful effects of applied intentional energy work. Inspired by this experience, I shortly thereafter trained to become a Reiki practitioner.

With a natural proficiency for Emotion Code and Reiki, it was time for me to learn about the Mental Body, which is what led me to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a regressive hypnotherapy method that hacks and retools the subconscious super directly and efficiently. As I trained, RTT allowed me to address and reframe some fundamental faulty core beliefs created in my past experiences, thereby profoundly transforming my perspective on my life and to become aware of how my beliefs, the story I was telling myself, was holding me back. Now I can identify negative thoughts and beliefs and pivot almost instantly, a skill I now help my clients learn and master.

Other therapies like Access Bars, hypnotherapy, and EFT/TFT Tapping also played significant roles in my healing process, each offering its own unique approach to wellness and personal growth. Among the therapies I received, Access Bars, hypnotherapy, EFT/TFT Tapping, and Reiki have stood out as my favorites.

Now, as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Emotion Code Practitioner, I dedicate myself to helping others overcome their emotional pain and limitations. The truth is, everybody is worthy and powerful enough to create miraculous healing for themselves, if they are willing to believe it. My journey was filled with hard-fought trials and miraculous discoveries, but it has taught me that with  determination, radical self-acceptance and responsibility, anyone can heal. This motivates me to share and teach some of the life-changing tools that have brought me into greater self-love and wholeness. When we learn how to do this for ourselves, the impact is powerful.