AS a coach I work with stress management and have a focus on Moms so I want to know as a Mom what gets in your way?

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Lynne Stylianou-Jensen, MA
HeartMath Certified Coach and Trainer, BA in psychology, MA in Human Development, Retired elementary teacher of 33 years

It is so important for you to find stillness within? Moments of quiet and peace will help you bring calm back to your parenting. Do you have support for taking a time out for your self even for 5 minutes a day? I teach a form of meditation called Heart-Focused Breathing. Breathing in and out through the heart will quiet the nervous system and bring your body and mind back into alignment. Heartmath Institute's research shows that your children will be able to feel your calm in real time because of electromagnetic waves that are emitted from the heart. Try it and let me know what you learned.

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