Embarking on a path of self-discovery, I faced a profound sense of unfulfillment and emptiness. This challenge stemmed from deep-rooted self-doubt and a persistent lack of self-confidence. I often found myself in the trap of comparing myself to others, constantly seeking their validation and acceptance, while neglecting my own needs and aspirations. This cycle of self-neglect and frequent comparison left me in a state of continuous dissatisfaction in life, as I was always searching outside of myself to fill an inner void. I was making decisions that weren't in alignment with my true self, trying to please everyone around me, often at the cost of dimming my own light in the process.

Adding to my struggles was a strong inclination towards perfectionism, which only served to magnify my self-doubts and insecurities. This limiting mindset left me with an overwhelming feeling of never being enough.

Growing up as an only child with loving but sometimes too over nurturing parents, I was instilled with strong morals and values. This environment, however, created challenges in my later relationships, especially with men. My high school sweetheart, treating me like a princess, mirrored my father's affection, which I mistook as the only form of love.

I was used to being cherished yet unable to truly express myself. Looking back, I realize this might have stemmed from a fear that speaking up or disagreeing could make me less deserving of love. I learned early on that to maintain love, I felt I had to conform to expectations, even if it meant suppressing my true self. This led to a series of relationships that left me feeling invisible. Doubts about my self-worth grew, and I found myself accepting less than I deserved, desperately seeking validation from others. 

The tipping point came in the last relationship before I met my husband. During a car ride filled with arguments and a panic attack, I experienced a moment of clarity about my self-worth, realizing the critical need for change.

As I looked for help, I realized the limitations of traditional medical approaches. I spent years in talk therapy, discussing my problems over and over again, without feeling any significant shift in my state of being. This approach, while helpful to some extent, kept me in a loop, focusing on my problems rather than moving towards solutions. I also noticed that the therapies offered were more about managing symptoms than addressing the root causes of my issues. These attempts  made me feel insecure and ashamed, struggling to find a therapist who could truly resonate with my needs and guide me through the healing process I truly needed.

Despite these challenges, I knew deep down that there had to be another path – one that could lead to real transformation. I was open-minded and willing to explore alternatives, driven by a deep desire for change. This led me to discover the world of holistic healing, which opened new doors to wellness and self-discovery.

While exploring the different modalities of holistic healing, I learned about sound healing and meditation. These practices were incredibly effective in addressing my issues. Sound healing, in particular, was a revelation. It allowed me to enter a state of deep meditation effortlessly, as I focused on the sounds without judgment or anticipation. This practice helped me stay present in the moment – a key aspect of effective meditation. 

Along with hypnosis and plant medicine, these therapies awakened a new sense of awareness within me, helping me understand my life purpose and the power I held all along. While engaged in a sound healing session, the sounds resonated with the frequencies in my body, helping it return to its natural state of balance.

During a sound bath, brainwaves transition from the alert Beta state into the more relaxed Delta or Theta states. This shift allows for a deeply meditative and dream-like experience, fostering a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Through specific frequencies, sound baths stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating a connection to a higher state of consciousness - this fosters a deeper connection with our higher selves and the universe. As a result, we find ourselves more in tune with our true purpose and destiny, feeling a profound sense of alignment and connection.

I discovered the significant impact of past traumas and emotions on our bodies, specifically how they influence our nervous system, leading to issues such as anxiety, stress, fear, and various physical illnesses. Uncovering the fact that the majority of illnesses have their roots in stress was a revelation. The profound effects of sound healing on my well-being were truly transformative.

Physically, I experienced reduced stress and anxiety, improved immunity, enhanced mood, and lower blood pressure. Emotionally, I released trapped emotions and traumas, finding a sense of peace and confidence. Spiritually, this practice expanded my self-awareness and consciousness, aligning me more closely with gratitude and purpose.

This journey of healing and self-discovery had such a significant impact on my life that it inspired me to assist others in navigating their own paths of growth and healing. I became passionate about helping other women awaken to their true selves, unleashing their full potential, and finding their inner strength and beauty. I realized the incredible power of energy and sound, and I wanted to share this with others.

Now, I offer group and private sessions focused on spiritual growth and expanding consciousness. Each session is tailored to the individual, addressing their unique needs and challenges. I also offer a 14-week program that dives deep into each energy center or chakra, using sound baths, guided meditations, and frequency work to release blocked energy and promote healing. My holistic approach focuses on addressing the whole person, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological aspects of wellness.

My services are not just about healing; they are about transformation. They empower individuals to heal their energy, and by doing so, change their lives. I offer these services with the hope of truly inspiring and empowering others, just as I was inspired and empowered on my own healing and self-discovery journey.