Energy without caffeine -

Energy without caffeine

Does anyone have any tips on how to have more energy without having any caffeine? I haven't consumed caffeine in about a year but I do miss that burst of energy that it gives. I've been avoiding it because I don't want to crash afterward and I think it was having a negative effect on my adrenals.

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Jenny Sieck
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Try drinking less coffee and switching every other cup for Cacoa. It has adaptogene's in it. These offer a more relaxed, slower, easier kind of energy. It is also more sustained... Just look it up. It is a wonderful alternative and won't depress your adrenals.

Rebecca Abraxas
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For energy, I have noticed that my Reiki practice helps with sustained energy. I've noticed when energy is manic and crashes it can be hard on a system. Finding things that are balancing rather than energizing are the key in my point of view. Pranayama practice can give sustained energy such as alternate nostril breathing or just deep full breathing. Another practice is to simply be open to receiving the energy around you from anything, such as the trees, grass, cars.etc. everything is energy. As for it to contribute to you and be willing to receive it. Finally, I have a supplement that I use that does have a bit of caffeine from green tea and guarana but it is formulated in a way with b vitamins and other herbs that give a gentle boost and help with stress management and energy. I typically can not have any caffeine at all but some formulations work differently than others.

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Sitting on your hands activates Safety Energy Lock 25 (Jin Shin Jyutsu), which is located at your sit bones. It is known for quiet regeneration, so it will help to boost your energy and keep you focused. You can also harmonize this Safety Energy Lock by making a ring with your thumb and middle finger - the pad of your thumb covers your middle finger nail. You can do this with either hand, or both.

Ashley Hendrickson

green juice and B vitamins and for me this CBD

Paty LeBaron
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I personally love to use herbal tinctures to have more energy. I make an herbal tincture with ashwagandha , Rhemania and a few other herbs that help me feel uplifted and active all day without the jitters from caffeine. I'd be happy to share more info if you like.

Christian A. Gonzalez LMT

EFT tapping MFT. Color therapy. and Steady Hydration through out your day, instead of Hydration as a meal. Also consider adding more healthy fats in your diet like avocado oils.

Julia Partyka
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Hey, Leilani!

Some awesome answer below and would like to share also.
Take what resonates, leave the rest. :-)

Breathwork is amazing!

For myself when I feel I'd like a boost of energy or am feeling on the lower side, I take a moment, tune into my body and see what's present. Simply to give myself the awareness to whats going on and anything that may be tense/tired/needing extra attention. I ask, "Body|Heart, How can I support you right now?" allowing a moment to really listen and trust the answer that comes and then give it myself!

Then, I bring in my breathwork practice, different kinds depending on what I'm feeling/intuiting.

My go to is Breath of Fire. Quick inhalations and exhalations through the nose, belly in on exhales, and sitting with spin erect. Happy to send a video if you'd like!

I often bring to presence anything I'd like to "burn"/transmute in the breath and creating the fire as I shift my perspective. Find myself feeling very clear and focused after this practice. It aligns the mind and the body through the heart.

And there are many other breath work practices to but this is one of the most common ones I would say.

Trust your body, it knows!

Happy exploring! <3

Much love,

Dr. Lexi Lain, ND
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Hi Leilani. Looks like you've got some great suggestions already. Your caffeine is certainly draining your adrenals but the fact that you need that extra boost sounds like your adrenals are already a bit sluggish. Did you know Vitamin C is stored in your adrenals? One of my favorite things to recommend is 1,000 mg of Vitamin C between 2:00 - 4:00 pm (the perfect adrenal crash time). Couple the vitamin C with a small protein snack to keep your blood sugar stable and a tiny pinch of sea salt for the minerals. I write about other top tips in my energy ebook. Hope that helps!

Lauri Germain
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I eat low-fat, plant-based, mostly raw food. Getting enough calories in a day is also important; I average about 700 calories/meal. Raw juices give me a burst of energy, especially a combination of celery/beet/apple/lemon.

Carolina Gutierrez
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Keeping energy is a 360 degree as keeping health, as Dr. Wagner already mentioned. But a good tip is drinking plenty of clean water.

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I'm going to get a bit more scientific. One is having the optimum fuel source. Macronutrients and micronutrients matter. Reduction of sugar intake. Your gut health matters, ruling out gut issues. So looking at all of those factors will help. Also increasing BDNF via exercise will enhance that energetic feeling. Of course, reduction of those unconscious negative thoughts. Those can easily wear us down and then we wonder why we have no energy.

Danielle Camastra

There are so many ways. I agree with Karina, shifting your energy is very useful and feasible technique. Sometimes a "State change" can give you a long lasting jolt. This can be done via "priming". Immersing yourself in a state of gratitude and vitality. (I can go into more detail if you'd like). Supplements can be fantastic as well. I use *Ashwaghanda and Licorice root. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and is great at helping the body manage stress, reset the cortisol levels, increase energy levels and boost the immune system. Additionally, there are tons of nutritional options that help boost your energy levels. Avoid any processed foods (anything that comes in a box or wrapper). Eat more vegetables than anything else. Be as active as possible, especially in the morning. And at least once a day, do some deep breathing for 60 seconds. Energizing your cells with oxygen is a natural, quick and easy way to get a boost of energy.
Give Ashwagandha a try first - be sure to take it in the morning as it may keep you up at night. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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We have the power to shift our energy by using our mind as a tool. For one week, try an experiment of thinking the following when you feel sluggish: "I'm full of light and uplifting Energy! My body is healthy and strong! I'm ready to go for a walk/run/jog/swim/ (your favorite sport activity)!" You may not feel it right away and may have to say it a few times, but don't give up saying it until you feel a shift in your body. When your full attention is on feeling energetic, your body's physiology will catch-up. It helps to also imagine yourself doing a physical activity, and full circle would be to add actual movement to the thinking exercise. I like starting with the thought first because it helps the body to 'feel in the mood of exercise' when you prime it like that. Our mind doesn't know the difference between imagined and reality, so it believes anything you convince it of. Since our body functions are controlled by our brain and the nervous system (or at the least they work together) using our mind to increase energy is a very powerful and most sustainable tool. Write back after a full week of this experiment and share your results, if you'd like :)

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