How do I find assistance during the energy shifts during ascension? -

How do I find assistance during the energy shifts during ascension?

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I'd be cautious as to what I ascribe inner symptoms to in the outer world. We tend to want to find something outside of ourselves that gives us an excuse to feel the way we do internally and then try to find something to either assuage or fix the issue. There are so many belief systems surrounding the 'ascension' that is makes one rather dizzy and disoriented just trying to keep up with them. Make is simple. The sensations that we're presented with are part of our own awakening and growth toward self-actualization and self-realization. The two are inextricable in the evolution of self/Self.

Self-actualization is about finding 'perfect' form, fit and function in the world. Self-realization is about finding that same form, fit and function within. Sure, there are practitioners who can assist in developing your poignant and profound questions opportunities. The answers are always found within, so they say, and it is true. The process of understanding and transforming oneself accordingly is still a pseudo-science at best, though there are references in quantum physics and spiritual practices that mirror each other. Some of the shifts can be pretty intense, like a wave of energy that completely wipes you out and even causes a collapse of the physical body for a short time. I've had that happen and gave me a new view on 'spooky action at a distance.'

Everyone is different, though, and each require certain aspects of consciousness to emote and evolve through the process. It seems the most appropriate 'place' to be in emotionally is fearlessness, though that doesn't mean to throw caution to the wind. It means operating in the faith, love and trust that emotes from the core of our center, the BEing. Practicing inner methodologies will often bring outer validation, like synchronicities galore, and as one experiences them as evidence to requests for connections, people or understanding... the trust grows. Ultimately, asking for help from within with sincerity will trigger the outer world to respond. Just be patient and persevere. :)

Alexandra Michelle
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What you refer to as "ascension" today is simply what traveling the spiritual path, in the past ages, has accomplished. We are moving into a new age, and so the course of our collective human evolution is taking us to more enlightened states of consciousness.

Just as with certain groups of monkeys who exhibit the same adaptation even though they live on different islands; we are connected by the collective consciousness and the quantum heart field, and we are collectively adapting and evolving into higher states of consciousness.

Some people are karmically situated to awaken early in dawning of the golden age. These people who are sensitively responding to the influx of energies are those who will go through the most dramatic transformations and anchor the higher light vibrations so that the collective evolution can progress.

Ascending into higher states of consciousness asks us to cooperate with the process of kundalini transformation, for indeed it is our innate spiritual intelligence that is being initiated to "wake up" in these times. And it is the kundalini energy inside of us that is facilitating the changes that can be quite uncomfortable, difficult, and even disturbing, if you do not know what is happening!

The best thing you can do is consult with a spiritual guide or spiritual teacher who will be able to give you direction that is specific to your experience. If you can, find a group of people who are dedicated to spiritual transformation and support each other. I am a such a guide, and I do provide spiritual counsel based on my experience and education traveling the path to healing and mystical states of awareness. Of course, I would be happy to support you.

In addition, wonderful assistance in integrating these higher frequencies can be found in practicing the wisdom set forth in all of the ancient paths that lead to enlightenment. Tantra, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, Sufism and Zen are a few of these paths. Throughout history, there have been people consciously seeking the kind of changes that the high energies of "ascension" are effortlessly facilitating. All of these wisdom systems contain valuable information about living a healthy live in spiritual alignment.

Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces" is a work which outlines the Hero's Journey, which is essentially a guide to undergoing kundalini transformation.

Recognize what is happening, and accept your important role as a leader in ushering in the new age. Commit to your own transformation and devote yourself to getting into spiritual enlightenment. Discover your dharma, move in the direction of your happiness. Adopt a spiritual path and know that whatever discomfort you are experiencing is part of the process. Surrender to it!

I recommend engaging in energy healing and energy cultivation techniques, above all to support your integration. Becoming attuned to Reiki is very accessible in most areas and will transform your energy body to hold higher frequencies of energy. The most powerful energy technique I know is Kundalini Activation Process, which rapidly opens and transforms your energy body as well as accelerates emotional processing in a graceful and complete way. If you are in the Los Angeles area, I offer this work.

It is also important to purify your diet and your life, avoid toxins both from food and drink and from consuming violent entertainment. If your body and mind are weighted by toxins, the energy is only going to be working harder to purge more. Cooperate with the purifying effects of this ascension energy and know that with every influx of light energy you are helping the entire human race to move into a time of more peace, prosperity, connection and harmony.

Congratulations, and enjoy the ride!

Rebecca Abraxas
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Hi Mykala, These energy shifts can be quite disturbing at times. Grounding activities are very helpful such as earthing, setting a grounding cord and doing standing yoga postures. I have also found saltwater baths helpful as well. However, what has been the biggest contribution that I have experienced first hand is Holy Fire Reiki. After going through the Master level and meditating with it each day, I have found that I have come to a space where I am not affected by the shifts anymore nor am I affected by people's emotional or mental energy around me. It has been quite relieving. So that said I am a huge fan of taking Reiki classes and learning to meditate with Reiki or perhaps get Reiki sessions if classes are not an option. I have a lot of different practices in my blogs on my website. All the best.

Marie Desroches
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Crystals are a big help if you have them. Relaxing and knowing all the symptoms are indications of how your body is integrating with the accelerated energy and aligning with it. Your body is rebuilding itself to accommodate more and more light and being able to hold a higher vibration and all that, plus running your body at the same time takes a lot of energy. Talking to your body helping it realize that all is fine and it is safe to allow this new high vibration to integrate and shift you as needed. If you have crystals, serpentine and fuchsite are both wonderful for assisting the body with Ascension symptoms.

Kerri Lake
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Wherever you might find outside assistance, please remember that the shifts you are feeling are simply sensations and physical response to energy. It's no different than your body responding to the energy of an emotion or even music, it's just different frequencies.

Many people give their power away to ascension "symptoms." The word symptoms itself can imply that there is a problem to solve. Energy isn't a problem unless you declare it to be - unless you judge the energy or its effect on your senses. You are experiencing the sensations because you are moving toward love, your natural state of being. It's just really unfamiliar.

Whether it is the changing magnetics of the planetary alignments, eclipses, earthquakes, dimensional integrations or personal integration, as you are committed to living from your heart, the effects of these energies become less of a problem and more like guidance. When you are free of the need to control your experience, the energy may be intense, but it is also gentle at the same time. We are meant to live in grace. It does take a bit of experience. And a brilliant guide really helps.

I prefer being very direct. Intuitive self-awareness with a solid understanding of how the ego plants judgments and decisions in the sub-psyche is a great foundation. With that knowledge, your intuition can guide the way. I love to share the tools, awareness and skills to navigate this way, with your senses as the priority before we apply our intellect. It is how nature functions, and we have that nature within us as well.

And always remember, if you feel sick or like your body is needing assistance, please don't hesitate to get yourself proper medical attention. There is no need to deny medical assistance on the journey when it is warranted.

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Hello Mykala:

This is something I'd love to guide you through. When you and I work together, you are not only understand the underlying patterns of your unresolved trauma that may be coming up for you during energetic shifts, you are taught how to trust in your higher self to release what no longer serves your highest good. You also learn how to clear, and then protect your energetic field, and now you are healing, integrating and embodying the lessons at all levels : mind, body, and soul. ⠀

If that resonates, you can book a soul coaching : chakra clearing : auric healing session with me, or you could purchase an energetic meditation video I've made in my shop that will alo teach you the above:

Come join me for more tips on IG @psychiccheerleader


Sandy Hawke, CCHT
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This is a great question. During periods of spiritual emergence, it can feel very disorienting... almost as if you're navigating unfamiliar territory while also feeling as if you're not quite yourself. I'd recommend consulting an energy healing therapist or professional - either online or in your community - for one-on-one support. Tapping into your spiritual essence is an amazing, self-empowering experience yet can also take you into deeply vulnerable spaces... having someone to facilitate this journey for you is truly an act of self-care.

I hope this helps, good luck and stay tuned.


Great question! That's exactly what I people along their journey of spiritual awakening. I'd love to learn more about what you're experiencing. A great place to start would be in community. I have an awesome Facebook group for women that are currently on this adventure, that's an excellent resource for support, asking questions, and gaining more knowledge around this topic. Feel free to join at :)

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