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What can cause bloating?

Around mid-day, like noon or so, I start to feel really bloated. Usually, this is right before lunch and maybe 2-3 hours after breakfast. So I am wondering what the root of my issue actually is.

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While there are many things that can cause bloating, you've started a great approach to finding your culprit (by identifying when it starts). Next step is to compare the days you feel more bloat with days you feel less or no bloat, and see if you can pinpoint culprits (which may be foods or anxiety or lack of restful sleep, etc.). For me, I found that too much coffee and any of certain grains cause me to bloat. But every body is different. So try to compare your good and not-good days to find your triggers, perhaps keeping notes for a couple weeks to look back and analyze.

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Yes, stress can certainly play a part in it. Some other common causes of bloating are small bacterial overgrowth, candida, or simply an imbalance of bacteria often caused by too much in the way of sugar & processed carbs. It's helpful to get a more complete picture of what you're eating for breakfast, how much alcohol you're drinking the night before, etc. before recommending specific things like enzymes, probiotics, or other natural things to help you digest better & relieve some of the bloating. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions! siriwellness.com

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I have seen bloating related to a wide variety of conditions ranging from gut flora imbalance to adrenal fatigue to nervous system depletion - the gut/brain connection is very real!

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Hi Shanon -- so the first question that comes to mind is what do you usually eat for breakfast? Also do you feel bloated after every meal? continue to feel bloated from around noon till the end of the day?

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