How do distance energy work sessions work? -

How do distance energy work sessions work?

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"What's really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover...we are not alone." — Michael Harner

Speaking from a Shamanic perspective, distance healing is outside time and space. Since we are energetic beings we can address issues of the soul from anywhere in the world. Some practitioners work over zoom, some on the phone and still others work remotely with only a name and an address. The key is that there is permission, and intention from both the practitioner and the client. Healing only works if the client is open to receive.

My services are designed to read all parts of your energy, to guide you through life-improving transformation, and to provide healing where needed on every level.

Energy is not limited to time and space. And once a practitioner is attuned to at least level 2 of Reiki, they are able to break through those barriers that most cannot comprehend through. I have been attuned to the Master level (level 3) of the basic Usui Reiki and two other types as well (Angel Ki and Kundalini). Personally, when I do distant Reiki for a client, I will send them a link to a frequency music to listen to that I will listen to as well at the time I do the Reiki for them. I will have them lay or sit back comfortably, arms and legs uncrossed, with no distractions, and receive the healing while relaxing and listening to the music. I will transcribe what the experience is on my end and send them the transcription along with follow up instructions when I am finished. I have had so many wonderful reports of clients experiencing exactly what I described during the experience. Energy healing is a beautiful thing!

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

There are the basic 4 elements that surround us. Earth (our bodies), Air (our thoughts), Fire (The spirit/ drive), and Water (Emotions). We are most deeply connected by the element of water. The emotions. When you get energy reading done or that person manipulates your waters... that person can get in tune with your vibrational frequency with the element of water. Water is one of the elements that is connected all around the world. When the Moon in Fullest in size the water in the ocean swells, and your body holds onto more water. It's the same concept of a person who identifies with being in touch with water can help reflect (like a reflection of water) you to yourself. So you can heal yourself with the help of another persons ability to understand the frequency of emotions and water.

Hello, I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Energy Healer. Discerning energy vibrations to help heal, balance & promote soul awakening. Willing and able to help people world wide!

First, there is no time or space. Second, we are all one! Thirdly, the intention of the practitioner is that of wellness for the client. With various techniques, the intention of wellness becomes visible for the client. However, clients must protect themselves from all energies that come to them from a distance or hands on. The best way to protect oneself when having any energy work done is to ask that ONLY Divine Energy is being channeled.

This channeled divine energy is intellect and knows exactly what the client needs in order to heal. Since there is no time and space, the energy flows to the client with ease.

Certified Hypnotherapist

As a PhD physicist, let me explain: the universe has a "fabric" that slows the transmission of information from one point to another. In cold space, information moves at the speed of light. When in a telephone call, for example, we establish a shared intention, we extend tendrils of spirit to each with that speed as a limit. When the shared intention is honored by both parties, those tendrils can strengthen to form a conduit through which energy and information can flow at speeds faster than the speed of light. Such connections can persist as we move through space, and I have experienced some interesting correlations between past and future events. But the key is that the person projecting energy and the person receiving it share a common intention - often for healing to be found by the recipient. The person projecting the energy is only a witness regarding the intentions of the recipient, allowing the recipient to find a path into a future of wellness. The energy does the work in collaboration with the recipient.

Hello, I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Energy Healer. Discerning energy vibrations to help heal, balance & promote soul awakening. Willing and able to help people world wide!

There is no time and space, and everything and everyone is made up of energy as well, all divine souls are connected to each other. When one is working with divine energy, this energy can be asked to be given to anyone in need. The intensity of this energy can be increased if one is trained in an energy modality like Reiki. It is the intention of this healing energy that creates the healing to occur. Not all healing professions are successful at distance. It takes practice and pursuance to master any craft.

We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Everything is energy, and we send and transmit energy all the time. We’re essentially
in an ocean of energy that’s always flowing — we constantly interact with everyone and everything. Energy has no geographic boundaries; it’s all about intention. This principle is the reason that remote sessions conducted over the phone or internet are possible. A skilled practitioner is able to set an intention to make a connection with your energy, whether they’re sitting beside you or on the other end of the phone.

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