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What is AshWork energy clearing?

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We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Created in 2001 by renowned energy worker Rudy Hunter, AshWork encourages a
sense of greater ease in your body, supporting a sense of increased wellbeing. It’s a non- invasive modality that helps bring relief and resolution to issues or concerns with minimal talking involved.

A session begins with identifying the issue at hand (if the session is for an animal, the
owner will speak on their behalf). Then, multiple rounds take place where the
practitioner will conduct energy work on different facets of the issue, and make time for quiet reflection. Your only job is to relax and receive. After each round, you’ll take
inventory to rate how much the problem is impacting your life; the intensity will likely
decrease throughout the session.

The act of “noticing” after each round helps the energy work integrate into the nervous system. You’re looking for things that are lighter; a new arrival of a sensation or awareness, perhaps a lifting of something that felt pressing or heavy in some way.
Sometimes, the environment you’re in even seems to change. That’s because when the energy field gets cleared, the air, lights, and your perception really does change.

This form of energy work calms the parasympathetic nervous system, taking us out of fight-or-flight mode to gently shift patterns. This in turn helps to support healing, making it a wonderful shortcut to change and improvement that releases stuck patterns and restores harmony.

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