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What should I do right after I wake up?

I want to improve my morning routine and set myself up for success.

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Take 5 deep breaths and tune into yourself, the weather, and what is in the space of your emotions. Decide to acknowledge what is and accept it (not identify with it, but accept it), then let go and allow a word to emerge that will shape how you will choose to be throughout the day. It could be peace, or love, or clear. This is a powerful morning practice that can transform your day.

Aviva Furman
Yoga teacher, Migraine support and Reiki healer

I always make sure I wake to natural light. Notice the breath filling your body. I practice gratitude by saying, either out loud or in my head, three things that I am grateful for. Try not to turn on your phone for at least an hour after waking. I start my stretches whilst still in bed and then continue them when I am out of bed.
The way that we start our day has a massive impact on the rest of our day.

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Set up your mind and attitude for success. It only take a couple of minutes.

When you wake up, just take a couple of minutes before you get out of bed and visualize your day as you would want to be - the ideal day.

For example: If you have a big meeting, play out the meeting running perfectly and with great results. If you have a job interview, then imagine it going well, with the outcome you want = getting the job. If it is just a normal day, allow yourself to see it unfolding as a happy day and successfull day. See yourself interacting with co-workers well and achieving great results. Then take a few deep breaths and smile. Then get up and "care diem" - seize the day!!!

Grace Jin Kim, L. Ac, MSTOM
I am a fourth-generation acupuncturist with a passion for holistic healing.

According to Chinese Medicine, there is an organ clock that is associated with each organ system and a two hour slot for all 12 systems. The classics recommend during the time of the Large Intestine, between 5 and 7am, is the best time to drink warm water to flush out the system as well as engaging in movement to help stimulate the bowels. The best time to eat is during the time of the stomach, from 7am-9am. Try to refrain from cold foods, as they are contracting in nature and doesn't set up your digestion for it's optimum efficiency.

I personally enjoy waking up and getting in a mug of hot lemon water with some apple cider vinegar and local honey. Then add in some light stretching/yoga and sitting in breathing or meditation on an empty stomach to start my day. Then I go for a protein rich breakfast with a variety of color and then if I feel up for it, a cup of organic, low-acid coffee. I find if I drink coffee first thing, it's too strong for my system to handle and I get the jitters. If I feel really fancy, then I will blend the coffee with ghee, coconut oil and cinnamon.

I think the most important thing you can do is set a regular rhythm for yourself. And keep it a ritual in your life. I have a toddler, so a lot of these ideals get thrown out the window. BUT I know that I can rely at least on some hot lemon water and ideally connecting that one ritual with something productive everyday; such as writing down a list of the top priorities of my day that I commit to getting done no matter what.

My TaiChi instructor today put his two cents in that's related to this question, he wishes everyone to be able to sit for a minute, whether it's closing your eyes and breathing or a full on meditation, the intention here is to shut out the mind, even for one minute. Then taking another minute after that and focusing on the positive things in your life.

Hope that helps <3

Shawna Pelton, HHP
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I got so much from reading the book "The Miracle Morning" ---- here's a link if you want to read it, and let me know what you think


Owner/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Make sure you try to consume a balanced breakfast within about 30 minutes of waking up, this will get your body, brain, and energy kickstarted to start your day with more energy to perform your other daily tasks

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