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Because art speaks louder than words.

It's possible to ground yourself wherever you are, using a variety of different techniques. What's important is how it feels for you. In Art Therapy we quite often use earth based materials and the mere process of holding them in your hand can be very grounding. If you would like to use pink marble, I would encourage you to do so. Having your feet planted in a comfortable way, taking deep breaths in and clearing your mind, feeling what connects you with the earth- that's what's most important.

I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

From my experience , negative entities are attracted to us when we are stuck in a low vibration somewhere in our body. This is good news because that means it is time for an upgrade. You now can release an unconscious emotion, that has you stuck in a physical and mental pattern that is no longer serving you. I will help you recognize the dark force for what it is, and help you transmute to a positive force. It is simpler than you think!

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I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

We are meant to be relational in this world. The world is built upon relationships. Think about it, you have a relationship with your food, your body, your family, your home, your routines. We constantly build and transform all types of relationships. It is important to have a healthy relationship with your own body, for sure. But we would not be able to exist alone, and need therapy in all forms from other people, on all levels so that we may add to our own creative soul.

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I help my clients release stress and anxiety through hypnosis so they can take charge of their lives feeling happy, confident, and renewed.

Hypnosis can help with physical pain when the pain has a stress component. Pain is often increased by stress, worry, and anger and hypnosis can help you reduce these feelings so that pain can become less bothersome. That said, you should always work with your doctor to make sure that it is OK to reduce the pain signal before starting a hypnosis program. Remember that pain is part of the body's protective signaling, however, there often comes a time when the pain is no longer necessary (such as when the physical issue is being properly treated) and then it is time to reduce the stressful, habitual emotions that may be reinforcing the pain. Hypnosis is great for this stress reduction and I look forward to having a free consultation with you to discuss further. Please schedule on my calendar when you are ready. Talk soon!

I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

What a lovely question, Thank you. I love the curiosity of helping people figure out their own healthiest food plan. Some nutrition systems take a judgement approach - eat this not that or good food vs bad food. With a curiosity approach, each client has a unique set of healing foods that we can find out about together.

I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

My first approach with any binge eating is to make sure you're getting enough strengthening food on a regular basis. Low blood sugar or nutrient deficiencies can cause overeating - it's simply a survival instinct. There's no such thing as willpower, simply different brain chemistry. When we stabilize brain chemistry with food and supplements the cravings and overeating often dissipates.

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Naturopathic Medicine
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I approach each client as a whole person. Each recommendation and plan is client specific supporting the entire body.

A good thing to evaluate is how often you are having bowel movements. Your skin is also know as your third kidney. If your body has no way to flush through the kidney's or the bowels it will get rid of the toxins through the skin- AKA sweating. They first step would be to get you moving in the bowels.

Holistic nutrition, powerful mindset tools, and stress reduction techniques to transform your life. For the individual who wants to feel comfortable and confident in their body.

Yes, meditation is an amazing practice to help you deal with stress and Anxiety. The act of meditation, when done long enough changes your brain waves, shrinks your Amygdala ( the part of the brain involved with fear), and teaches you to be an observer of your thoughts and emotions instead of being consumed by them. I know meditation can seem like a daunting task, but it is an important reminder to remember how we perceive things in our minds, matters. So if we see meditation as a daunting task and keep telling ourselves this, then well, it will be a daunting task. But if we allow ourselves to get excited and change that story to one of "I am so grateful to be doing this task. It is going to bring me great peace and joy". And just like it takes a while to get into working out, it takes a while to get into working out your brain too.

I would start with Headspace if you have no idea where to start. I also lead meditations, so you can chat with me further if you are interested.

I help people restore their playful innocence and childlike spirit.

There are many signs of a true narcissist. The three most prominent ones are a lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, and interpersonally exploitative behavior. If you have been shown time and time again that someone is incapable of putting themselves in your shoes, that they feel like deserve to be treated like royalty while everyone else deserves to be treated like dirt, and that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want, regardless of who gets hurt in the process, chances are, you are dealing with a narcissist. Also, a narcissist will often employ what is known as splitting, or taking responsibility for everything that is good or positive while blaming everything that is bad or negative on you. Other signs are an attitude of superiority, need for control, lack of responsibility, lack of boundaries, and an exaggerated need for attention.

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Weight Loss
Insulin Resistance
I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

Interestingly - two people can have the same weight, but the person with weight in the belly is at higher risk of blood sugar problems and diabetes than the person who carries the same weight in the legs. or bottom. Nutrition and supplements can be very helpful at stabilizing blood sugar, alleviating sugar cravings and helping weight loss to reduce diabetes risk.

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Difficulty Sleeping
I use a client-centered, holistic coaching style that supports and empowers individuals to uncover their strengths and collaborate with them in creating and achieving their wellness goals.

Sleep is where you body rejuvenates and heals, so getting enough sleep is important. Most people need between 7-8 hours a night. There are a variety rituals that you can do to prepare your mind and body to relax and go to sleep more easily. It can look different for each person, but creating a habit around going to sleep can be very effective. I keep my bedroom dark and free from any technology and use music to quiet my mind. After implementing a sleep routine for a few weeks, your body and mind start to associate the routine with letting go and getting ready to sleep and becomes an easier process.

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Transcendental Meditation
Guided Meditation
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

You loose yourself, you don't realize how deep you are in it, until afterwards. and that is the point, to become mindless to feel like a mush that is absorbed into the vast universe with no external physical reality. You have to become aware of your mind, and learn to ignore it. It sounds like a drug induced state but it comes when you don't try and patiently, consistently commit to a practice. I can find any trapped mental thoughts or emotions and help you release them so you can better find meditative state.

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Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage
Hormone Balance
I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

Yes, hormone imbalance, stress and toxins can contribute to infertility. Nutrition can use strengthening foods, supplements and lifestyle therapies to balance hormones, reduce stress and strengthen your own body against toxins. The healthier body you'll achieve is also great for carrying a healthy baby and caring for a healthy infant. Nutrition is a lot cheaper and safer than IVF therapy!

My 360° Coaching Approach brings all the parts of you into alignment so you can achieve and maintain a thriving life, opening up access to your amazing life on the other side of trauma.

Monday mornings are notoriously dreaded. Wednesday's are referred to as hump day and then we're sliding into home base, with a 'thanks God it's Friday'.

There are imbalances at a fundamental level that need to be addressed. That's the long term. And you need more immediate relief for the short term. Let's talk about both.


That familiar sense of dread, not looking forward to or even straight up anxiety is all future related. As important as it is to look ahead, when you're coming from an untethered place, it can feel overwhelming. We first need to be grounded in the here and now so that we can feel tethered, anchored and secure.

Breathwork, meditation and yoga are great grounding exercises. However, two of my personal favorites are Orienting from Somatic Experiencing and working with the root chakra.

Orienting is a simple practice you can do anywhere. Simply turn your head to look over your shoulder and allow your eyes to slowly scan everything you can see, while naming each thing. As you see and name, slowly turn your head to take in what's in front of you, then what's on the other side. Try to turn your head as far as you're able over both shoulders so you're getting a 360 view.

This practice is powerful because you are directly communicating with your Autonomic Nervous System (think flight/flight) and telling your system that you are safe. Consider our ancestors from way way back. They lived in far more immediate and actual danger, so our nervous systems evolved accordingly. When they scanned their surroundings like this, they were able to spot danger. No lions or tigers and all's good. If you've ever been drawn to go for a drive to clear your head, this is why. When driving we are mimicking this same thing by scanning the road all around us.

To amp up this exercise even more, take slow deep belly breaths at the same time. This too tells your system you're safe by activating the vagus nerve, which runs near your diaphragm. When there's actual danger, we breath shallowly in our chest, the vagus nerve is not activated and that tells our system there is danger to prepare for. Understanding the biology can empower you to consciously tell your system you are safe, which in turn allows you to be grounded in the present.

The root chakra is all about safety and security. Taking slow, deep belly breathes, breath in and envision a column of light extending from the base of your spine down into the earth. Breathing out, run your attention back up from the earth to the base of your spine. Repeat a few times.

To take this a step further, breathe in, running your minds eye from the base of your spine down into the earth. Then on the out breath, run your attention from the earth, up to the base of your spine, continuing up your spine, noticing each chakra as you pass it and up through your crown, envisioning that column of light extending up to the spirit realm. As you continue breathing in and out, run your attention up and down this light column from the heavens to the earth and back. Now you are more fully connected to all that you are and to the collective consciousness / God / Universe, etc. This bolsters feelings of safety and security even more, allowing you to be present and grounded.


This is the part that is likely most neglected and in need of attention. However, to get here, you need to keep doing your short term work to build capacity.

It is not Monday's that any of us dread. It is what we have to do on Monday's. Life does not have to be drudgery and full of dreadful days. There is another way and on some level, I think you know that.

Once you are in a grounded place more of the time, you build the capacity to be open to more possibility. You begin to access more creativity, curiosity and intuition which are the tools you'll need to reconnect with yourself. It is through the process of reconnection that you will identify ways your life is out of balance with your authentic self, and can begin the journey home to yourself, to your calling and to building your glorious future.

This is the core of my work with clients. Reconnection with yourself brings clarity on your innate strengths and values, supports you in having strong boundaries, truly knowing, accepting and loving yourself, appreciating yourself and the gifts you bring to the world and feeling safe to show up as your true self. Who are you when no one's watching? Imagine having the confidence and self-love to be that always, in every situation and around any person!

What does that have to do with dreading Mondays?

When you are connected and living as your authentic self, you will accept nothing less than greatness. You will learn to dream big and to live those dreams. You learn to make stuff happen, knowing you are living your highest calling.

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Autoimmune Disease
Adrenal Health
I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

I specialize in strengthening detox programs. This is different from your traditional juice cleansing and vegetable detox program which can leave some people feeling weak and low blood sugar. I start with a balanced hypoallergenic diet personalized for you plus specific supplements to help the liver detox.

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Memory Problems
Life Coaching
Feeling Stuck In Life

I love this question! As children, we’re always thinking about the future - we’re imagining what we’re going to do over summer break, or when we get to the next grade. Then we start imagining what it’s going to be like when we get into high school, and then college, and then when we get our next job, get married, have kids, buy a house, etc. We’re constantly dreaming about the next thing - things that we’ve never done before. But then at some point, we start thinking about our past & using our past (memories) to find evidence of what we’re capable of doing in the future. Our past experiences actually don’t dictate what we are capable of in the future - yet, we decide that they are. We start reflecting back on our past, saying things like, ‘well, I’ve never done that before.’ Believing that we aren’t capable of making change because we’ve never been able to do it. This is especially toxic when it comes to creating better relationships, making behavior changes to our health, or making & spending money. All of our past attempts are merely methods that didn’t work - and they mean nothing about our ability to make lasting change. If we believe with all of our being that we are meant to do the thing, we will be successful. Regardless of what we did in the past.

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Health & Wellness Coaching
Essential Oil Therapy

The Aroma Freedom Technique works on changing that inner voice. It helps you identify and release what is holding you back. Using specially formulated blends of essential oils, we can transform those negative beliefs and emotions and intentionally integrate your efforts towards lasting change.

“… when inhaled, essential oils directly enter our limbic system, our emotional brain, where traumatic and upsetting experiences of your life are noted and catalogued into your body’s memory. The unpleasant or disturbing memories may be temporarily lost to your conscious mind, but they are permanently etched into your subconscious and cellular memory. Traumatic experiences recorded within our consciousness, exist as living, buried memories. When unresolved, they can create obstacles to your life’s happiness, judgement, and success in many areas—domestic, personal, social, and career-wise. Through AFT you can discover your inner thoughts and feelings that block your success and personal fulfillment, on any and all levels—professionally, domestically, financially, or personally by directly addressing your limbic brain through the vehicle of certain aromas. You can be clear and free from the hidden bondages that limit your success in life.” David Stewart, PhD

“When faced with a task that makes us feel anxious or insecure, the amygdala — the “threat detector” part of the brain — perceives that task as a genuine threat, in this case to our self-esteem or well-being. Even if we intellectually recognize that putting off the task will create more stress for ourselves in the future, our brains are still wired to be more concerned with removing the threat in the present. Researchers call this “amygdala hijack.” By Charlotte Lieberman Why You Procrastinate (It has Nothing to Do with Self-Control) NY Times, March 25, 2019.

But we can also reach the amygdala by our powerful sense of smell through pure therapeutic essential oils that can break up a memory complex previously associated with negative thoughts, feelings, and memories. We can gently shift awareness and clear patterns related to issues, work, relationships, children, habits, parenting, etc. to initiate a positive outlook and attitude.

Aroma Freedom was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist who has integrated over two decades of clinical experience with as many years of work with essential oils into this modality. It is simple and the results are powerful. Guidance through the steps can uncover and replace emotional patterns and beliefs that may be blocked. Our olfactory nerve connects directly to limbic system and can calm down the amygdala and break up the memory complex. In sessions, there may be delightful surprises by some of the memories that come forth and realizations of how they made sense then, but do not serve us now.

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I'm a therapist who works with people to help them find clarity, balance, and ease on mental and emotional levels.

Here is a way to introduce Hypnoanalysis, coming from different brochures from colleagues: "Hypnoanalysis provides valuable insight regarding the origin of destructive thought patterns and behavior. It takes courage to seek help and to work with the difficult emotions that sometimes surface in therapy. Clients appreciate the insights gained when troubling issues are resolved at their core."

Sometimes talking about feelings is something that we avoid, even unconsciously, but deep inside of us is where the problem is. If other methods are not sufficiently powerful, then I would suggest you keep this in mind.

The problem (for which one has been seeking treatment )is located in the subconscious part of the brain, in the amygdala, which is not accessible by talking about it. The conscious part of the brain does not have direct access to the subconscious.

However, when people are in hypnosis, we do have that access. While a person is in hypnosis, we can find out the cause of the problem, what to do about it, resolve past traumas that are the cause of the problem, and develop new, more positive ways of living life.

When you are in hypnosis, we can actually change the conditioning which is in that part of the brain causing the problems.

I actually witnessed a woman who had been in therapy, talk therapy, for 20 years, and, after about 30 sessions of Hypnoanalysis, was already acknowledging that she felt different inside. This way she could change her behavior, where, in her case, she had to constantly please everyone- this all came from the foundation of childhood, which was manifested in the symptoms where she needed to be perfect and developed an eating disorder. Now, however, not only does she have a different perspective, but she is able to feel free without having to force herself, without having to " white knuckle it."

In the "age regression" she connected with the origin of her self sabotage , which was one of her symptoms, and she could figure out what was the secondary gain. Secondary gain relates to the subconscious mind’s reason to maintain the problem.

In hypnoanalysis we can figure out what are the reasons for people not getting any better. And then we can resolve those reasons. The goal is to get the sense of the more comfortable, healthy self who has a feeling of well-being.

The problems( deficits) originated in the past, but the subconscious mind does not really know that those experiences are past, over and done with. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the different between past and present. It acts like the problems in the past are still going on now.

AAMH Hypnoanalysis is a framework for the rapid and effective treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders without the use of medications ( while you can simultaneously be on medication).
Hypnosis is a tool used in the protocol of the treatment process. Many organizations teach how to induce the hypnotic state but often those who learn these techniques want to know how to utilize the hypnotic state most effectively. AAMH Hypnoanalysis is the framework in which the hypnotic state brings about rapid, long lasting change.
If you like, you can also google the AAMH website to learn more about this fantastic process.

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Emotional Trauma
Psychiatric Disorders
I'm a therapist who works with people to help them find clarity, balance, and ease on mental and emotional levels.

Clean language was developed by psychologist David Grove and his wife, Cei more than 30 years ago. The accepted methods of treating trauma back then were to encourage patients to 'desensitize' by talking through their experiences. However, this often re-traumatized patients and instead listened to them describe their symptoms spontaneously in metaphor, for instance 'it feels like a ton of bricks', and found that exploring these metaphors alleviated their disorders. To encourage this process, we repeat patients' own exact words back to them and use a series of simple questions which carry the least possible influence from the therapist. Because this honors the patient's experience, ideas and values without contaminating them with those of the therapist, this technique is called 'Clean Language'.

Its similar to Jung's approach in its use of symbols but a key difference is that the metaphor does not require interpretation, only exploration until it reaches a place of peace. Then the subject will find that phobias, internal struggles and limiting behavior patterns of years have disentangled and become integrated with the whole person.

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Weight Loss
Binge Eating
Resistant Weight Loss
I use food, supplements and lifestyle therapies to help your own body heal from stress, digestive problems and autoimmune disorders. Start where you are - no judgements.

Yes, I believe hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and binge eating. However, first approach would be actual nutrition. Do you overeat and crave sugar in the afternoon? You may actually be hungry! Many healthy eating plans simply do not provide enough protein in the morning so people end up binging as a survival instinct. There's no such thing as weak willpower, only weak brain chemistry because the brain wasn't fed enough strengthening food.