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My ever-evolving methods and techniques are bespoke to YOU. Healing is my Passion. I aim to empower you with exactly what you need to step into your Greatest Potential. Visit www.realignyourmind.net

Absolutely yes! I have had passed loved ones both human and pets come through during sessions. I find it even more healing to make that connection with ones own Soul as well to help the client with the grieving process.
From my own personal experience, my own Soul came and actually took my grief away and assured me that my loved one was just fine and loved and brought my loved one to me so I could see for myself. This experience led me to developing my Soul Aligning Grief Sessions. They are super powerful and liberating.

I support you in cultivating a deeper relationship to Self so you can overcome anxiety, release trauma, and face fears to create healthy relationships and align with your biggest aspirations.

Everyone has the ability to enter a hypnotic state, it's just a matter of finding a practitioner that you resonate with. One of my favorite ways to experience hypnosis is through a process called Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep. Nidra is a guided sleep meditation that takes you into the theta wave stage of sleep, where the mind is most childlike and seeds of intention can be planted. In this state you unite conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious minds, making it a powerful practice for release fears, trauma, and outdated beliefs.

I integrate body work and energy medicine to facilitate increased wellness on a "whole-istic" level. When mind, body, and spirit are engaged in healing, results are more far-reaching.

Reiki is a subset of energy work, involving the channeling of Reiki, or Universal Energy. Being Reiki-attuned means you have taken steps to channel this specific energy in healing. Reiki is intelligent and only does what is good for the person. Intuitive healing uses the intuition to direct energy, also with the intention of promoting the highest good of the client. This is a more broad term. Often, the tools used are ones that the individual practitioner has developed in order to deal with certain issues. For example, I would use my energetic toolbox and intentions to remove an energetic weapon and dispose of it, and also channel Reiki to heal and fill the area with good energy and seal the aura. No two practitioners are the same, although many use similar tools.

You can do your work, your way, with soul. Learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner wisdom so you can fully show up in your work with confidence.

I help my clients access their intuition. So for me, an intuitive reading is a guided process where my clients are tapping into their own intuition.

This makes me the Facilitator and the Client the one accessing and drawing from their intuition. In this way, you as the client are hearing your own inner wisdom and using it to guide you forward.

You know best for you, and sometimes we stop ourselves from hearing our own answers because we are blocked emotionally or mentally. We need to free ourselves from those limits so we can hear the wisdom beneath - this is our intuition, our soul, that is always there, always advising. We just don't always know how to hear it.

The beauty of my approach is it means anyone who is wanting to can access their intuition. The process differs from person to person, but it is a skill that you can cultivate.

Connecting with your intuition is a skill, which means you can deepen this connection through knowledge, practice, and feedback. By building this relationship with your intuition, you are becoming your own coach and your own guide. As a result, you won't feel the urge for validation from others as intensely as you may have in the past because you will be your own source of validation. This doesn't mean you don't ever want advice from others, but it does mean you know how to use that advice for you - based on what you are intuitively drawn to do - instead of feeling like you need to constantly seek input from others.

So if you are feeling called to this work and are wanting a deeper more consistent connection with your intuition, I'm here to help. You can schedule a free call with me and we can talk about your relationship with your intuition and how we can build that relationship as we work together in a coaching program. You can go to my profile at heal.me/beliefseed and click "Free Consultation" to schedule your free call today.

I approach every client as someone to support in their own individual journey of healing and transforming their deepest issues, on exactly the level they were created.

The benefits of Hypnotherapy are that you are going to the level at which the problem was created, to solve it. We usually try to think and talk our way out of problems, as long as it stays on a conscious level, it can only get us so far though. Patterns of thinking and acting are created from deeper within (from our subconscious mind), eg. I might smoke because my mother and I only bonded when she smoked (and was more relaxed) and now it gives me a feeling of being connected to her when I smoke. I might be overweight since as a child I was sexually abused and one of the thoughts that made me survive and feel like I had some control was the thought that if I was not so slim, it would not have happened or would not happen again. In Hypnotherapy you go where these patterns were created, reframe, let go the old and transform and integrate what pattern you want to use instead. It is very powerful and effective and very quickly so.

I help people overcome chronic symptoms and reclaim their health by addressing health on all 3 levels - the physical, mental and emotional/energetic. Rewire your Brain, Reclaim your Health.

Inner child healing involves working with the subconscious patterns that were imprinted in our brain as a child. Our subconscious mind operates off learned memory patterns and controls most of our behavior. Prior to age 7 we lack the ability to reason which means our perceptions are directly downloaded into our subconscious minds without context. This is an influential time in our lives as it programs our minds and drives our actions and behavior throughout our lives.
Inner child healing involves developing an awareness of the deeply imprinted feelings and beliefs within us. When we bring these deeply embedded belief systems into our conscious, reasoning mind we can reprogram our brain.
Our inner child wants nothing more than to be seen and heard. When we carry wounds from our childhood those pieces within us cry out for attention, holding us back in our lives and creating symptoms within our bodies. A key part of our healing journey involves making these parts feel seen and heard so we can feel whole again and back in charge of our lives.

I approach each client as a whole person. Each recommendation and plan is client specific supporting the entire body.

This is great question. Some of my favorite things to use for Contact dermatitis is Histablock from Nature's Sunshine to help bring down the histamine level in the body. This can help with any form of inflammation and redness. I also love using Tea Tree essential oil topically in a diluted form, preferably with a lotion to carry it. This can help get rid of whatever is causing the dermatitis as well as help with skin cell regrowth.

Helping you stress less about situations keeping you stuck so you can love your life more

Great question. Thank you for sharing. What if you changed the focus point and instead ask, how do I make me happy? The shift is subtle. Did you catch it? What can you do for yourself and in your life to make you happy. Rather than searching for happiness on the outside, get in touch with yourself from within and fulfill yourself.

I help people restore their playful innocence and childlike spirit.

As a former sufferer of IBS, I can tell you that the two things that made the biggest difference for me were going on an elimination diet to figure out which foods contributed to my IBS and restoring my gut health through probiotics and digestive enzymes. Basically, you have to kill off the bad bacteria and start restoring the good.

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Each experience, encounter, session or time spent with me is different. I empower participants by giving them the tools they need and together we explore, go deep then return to the surface anew.

There are many pathways -- the first I'd say to you is Awareness. Often times it has to do with misplaced energy that needs to be aligned and or recalibrated. As a Practitioner that works with clients on their inner equilibrium, breath patterns, and the like using the GYROKINESIS® Expansion System (which organically brings that back into "reset") -- we observe standing, posture, and walking patterns to help them with those inner-operatives and balance. Try it Today!

My ever-evolving methods and techniques are bespoke to YOU. Healing is my Passion. I aim to empower you with exactly what you need to step into your Greatest Potential. Visit www.realignyourmind.net

From my perspective, I believe that spiritual hypnotherapy mostly has to do with soul work and aligning the client with their own soul/higher self and gaining resolutions in their lives leading them to becoming complete and whole. This is something I specialize in and find it extremely liberating for everyone involved.

Harmonyum is a powerful, elegant, spiritual healing system that was developed
with the aim of making self-healing possible. It addresses disease at the mental
and emotional level so that it may no longer exist in the physical body.

Harmonyum leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness and increased longevity
through the slowing of the aging process.

Harmonyum promotes excellent health in the body and spirit by nurturing and strengthening one’s primal essence. It promotes profound states of deep relaxation and restores the body to an ideal state of balance and harmony. Continuous treatments release the body’s innate healing wisdom and bestow the effects of years of meditation, bringing you into a higher cycle of manifestation.

Harmonyum is a gentle hands-on healing system directed at the spine, brain and internal organs. Now available as Harmonyum at a distance via zoom, skype, facetime
Harmonyum employs the ancient art of utilizing the acupuncture meridians via the body’s electromagnetic field. According to Chinese meridian theory, meridians are the communication structure for energy in the same way that veins and arteries are the communication for blood throughout the body and nerve tracks are the communication for neural messages. The energy that travels through meridians influences all other body fluids such as blood and hormones and all other systems such as the nervous system, immune system and cardiovascular system. The Harmonyum Healing System floods the meridians with the highest vibrations causing a cascade of revitalization to the body and advancement of the mind.


Religious and Spiritual Neutrality
Harmonyum is a safe and appropriate therapeutic modality for hospitals and medical offices serving patients and clients of all philosophical and spiritual backgrounds. It integrates easily with health plans that include psychology, psychiatry, internal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics and physical therapy as an allied healing modality.

Empowering the Self Healing Mechanism and not Diagnosing

The primary goal of a Harmonyum Healing Treatment is to empower the self healing mechanism inside each person. The philosophy behind the Harmonyum experience is that it is a time when the practitioner and client release the connection to the health disturbance and focus on complete balance. For this reason, during certification programs, practitioners are guided to maintain spiritual neutrality toward all clients. Additionally, they are instructed not to discuss emotional, spiritual or psychological issues and not to diagnose their clients. While the Harmonyum treatment was developed through a certain spiritual tradition, its mechanism for effectiveness requires no need of belonging or participating in those spiritual activities.

Theoretical Framework

While research on the effectiveness and mechanisms for the effects of Harmonyum are currently under way, the following three areas show the most promise: Acupuncture Meridians, Spinothalamic Tract of the Nervous System and Meditation.


One of the cornerstones of academic integrity is the adherence to attributing credit to the source of information. In medical science this is especially important as the collective knowledge base is built upon the shoulders of previous researchers and thinkers. Documenting the lineage of current wisdom provides the ability to more deeply understand and more thoroughly critique that which is being posited. We urge that this same academic rigor must be applied to the indigenous and spiritual thinkers who have made significant contribution to modern medical practices and discoveries. The first academics were often spiritual thinkers. In many communities, the spiritual leader was also the medical care provider and theorist. The great discoveries that allowed humanity to survive were made within a spiritual paradigm of thought. Many vital techniques that are integral to modern medicine were developed and discovered in direct association with their spiritual belief system. For example, herbal medicine, is the basis of modern pharmacology. In 2003, it was reported that approximately 80% of all antimicrobial, cardiovascular, immunosuppressive, and anticancer drugs are of plant origin (Pan, 2013). In her article documenting the statistical success rate of pharmaceutical development, Si-Yuan Pan states the following, “Given that the development of synthetic chemicals for therapeutic use is, by and large, a random process that might result in serendipitous discovery, many pharmaceutical companies are now focused on the development of plant-derived drugs (2013).” Other modern branches of medicine owe tribute to early, spiritually based systems. For example the bone setters of China (Zhigang, 1996), Native American healers, the Curanderas of Mexico and South America and the tuina therapists of China contributed to the field of orthopedics, chiropractics and physical therapy. The field of neuroscience has developed much interest in the role the mind plays in health. There has been a surge in research on benefits of meditation in recent years. In 2013, a successful result was achieved in research on breast cancer survivors and meditation’s effect on sleep and fatigue (Lev-ari, 2013). Another positive result was obtained on anxiety and systolic blood pressure in nursing students (Chen, Y, 2013). Meditation is the direct descendent of the spiritual systems throughout the world. To benefit from the discoveries brought forth from the developers of meditation and not give credit to the spiritual systems that developed them over the years would be a direct violation of the scientific standard of attribution. Physicians such as Dr. Lawrence Bohun (1610-11) and Dr. John Tennent (1736) were just a few documented physicians who observed the Native American herbalists (Vogel, 1970).

It is the opinion of our organization, based upon legal president, that during the course of a Harmonyum session, it is not an obligation of the practitioner to discuss the origin of the therapy. However, if a direct inquiry is made, it is the obligation of the practitioner to provide this information.

The Relationship between Medicine and Spirituality

While our organization promotes the right of every patient or client to receive medical care free from religious pressure or promotion, it is also recognized that very little that happens in medicine that was developed independent of spirituality. The difference between performing a spiritual ritual and utilizing a healing system that was derived from spiritual sources is defined in the following way by our organization. A spiritual ritual is an action taken on the part of one or more individuals to delve into a particular form of spirituality for primarily worship and devotional purposes. The act of utilizing a healing system that is derived from a spiritual source implies that the recipient and practitioner are engaged in the prescribed steps that produce a particular physical response intended for physical healing. For example, during an acupuncture treatment, the practitioner may think in a Taoist paradigm for the purposes of diagnosing and deciding upon a needling strategy. This does not mean that the recipient, in any way, becomes Taoist or is prompted to explore Taoism. In a Harmonyum treatment, no spiritual advice is provided, no promotion of engagement in a religious activity or affiliation is involved. The treatment session is said to be spiritually neutral. This makes Harmonyum an appropriate healing modality regardless of the spiritual, philosophical or religious affiliation of the recipient. Energy Medicine Energy medicine has received recent interest as is evidenced by the increase in research dedicated to the topic. It has been conducted for the purposes of understanding its existence, mechanism, determine its effectiveness. Harmonyum falls into the category of energy and touch medicine. There are parts that require soft and superficial touch along the spine and other parts that involve projecting an electromagnetic force from the hands. This skill is little understood and the idea that it is even possible is controversial for scientists and the general public. This capacity is often tied to the existence of energy meridians that are capable of absorbing and emitting electromagnetic fields. Joines, Bawmen and Kruth investigated the existence of electromagnetic emission from humans during focused intent. They found that certain individuals, who called themselves healers or meditators, were able to control the emission of measureable and significant levels of electromagnetism (2012). In 2013, Baldwin, Fullmer and Schwartz conducted research comparing physical therapy with energy healing for improving range of motion in subjects with restricted shoulder mobility. Other researchers such as Juliano in 2011, Moga and Bengston in 2010, Yin Lo in 2012, Baldwin in 2013 and numerous others have conducted research on energy healing and over time it has become increasingly accepted in the medical fields.

Acupuncture is a form of energy medicine that works on the energy meridians. It is now considered an essential health benefit in most states of the union and the Affordable Care Act now dictates that all health insurance packages cover acupuncture. According to the American Hospital Association, 15% of American hospitals (more than 800 facilities) offered Reiki as a hospital service in 2007. A joint publication by the American Holistic Nurses Association and American Nurses Association lists Reiki as an accepted form of treatment (Baldwin, 2013).

Each experience, encounter, session or time spent with me is different. I empower participants by giving them the tools they need and together we explore, go deep then return to the surface anew.

Yes. It restores a sense of trust to your bodily experience without the mind's anticipation, urge to flight/fight and calms/brings you to a state of peace that you'll need through the procedure.

You can do your work, your way, with soul. Learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner wisdom so you can fully show up in your work with confidence. I'm a Career and Life Coach, and I can help

Yes, there are ways to manage social anxiety and this can allow your introversion to become an incredible asset.

Introversion can be a powerful gift in social settings. I know it may not always feel like it. But it is often an indicator of your sensitivity and perceptiveness. It can help you listen intently and ask intriguing questions. It can help you truly connect at a deep level with others around you. It can help you have incredible insights about situations and offer amazing guidance and advice to others.

The trouble can be that our anxiety can get in the way of our ability to fully tap in and access the gifts of our introversion. But there are things you can do for relief.

I did a one hour workshop all about how to feel less anxious - this may help you. You can access it for free by going to https://www.beliefseed.com/free. Scroll to the classes section and you'll see a place you can click to watch the How to Feel Less Anxious Webinar.

If speaking up is also feeling difficult to do, then watch my free Speaking Up in Meetings masterclass - you can access this here: https://www.beliefseed.com/speaking-up

If you want more support on this, let me know. My email is Lisa@beliefseed.com.

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Emotional Trauma
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I very successfully use RTT Hypnotherapy in clients with PTSD. The reason why it works so well is that with RTT Hypnotherapy we go back to the scenes that caused the PTSD. Trauma shakes us to the core and changes us; when we survive it, the main issue/problem we deal with is what trauma makes us think and believe about ourselves and the world, and how that feels in our body. When we go back to the scenes, we reframe and transform those thoughts. With a relaxed, clear thinking mind (RTT Hypnotherapy gets you there), it is possible for us to see those events differently and reframe it from that perspective. We then transform it and what it means to us and our perspective of ourselves and the world. We transform deep rooted thinking patterns very organically and with it the inherent fear, phobias, OCD etc that might stem from it too. After the session my clients get a recording (15-20 min long) with the transformation.

Past life regressions can help find answers to problems in this lifetime for sure. In my work I usually focus on the issue or problem, and if past life comes up, then the reason hence the solution for the issue/problem is from there. If scenes from this life come up, then the reason hence the solution for the issue/problem is from this life. Of course there can be overlap. I often have clients wanting a past life regression because of issues or problems, but they are open to going back wherever their subconscious wants to take them, and often they actually go back to scenes in this lifetime. I think it is partly (or entirely) due to the fact that as human beings we are automatically suppressing and dissociating from trauma and stressful situations in our life that are often the reason for issues/problems in life, so when we are at the stage that we realize we need professional help, we don't have any sense or awareness anymore of the issues/problems having their source in this life.

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Emotional Eating
Sugar Addiction
Weight Loss
My ever-evolving methods and techniques are bespoke to YOU. Healing is my Passion. I aim to empower you with exactly what you need to step into your Greatest Potential. Visit www.realignyourmind.net

Yes absolutely, Ive had one client who came for sugar addiction tell me that she thought it was strange but she just didn't have any urges anymore and just felt indifferent about the sugary foods she normally would crave. Our minds are powerful beyond measure. It all begins and ends in our minds.

I integrate body work and energy medicine to facilitate increased wellness on a "whole-istic" level. When mind, body, and spirit are engaged in healing, results are more far-reaching.

New Year's goals often come from good intentions, but do not always take into account the support needed for specific blocks. Especially if the goal is to correct a long-standing pattern, there are valid reasons why that hasn't happened yet. The first step is to recognize what is behind the negative pattern. Resistance can come from false beliefs, connections to traumatic experiences, and various other blocks. Some of them are conscious, but many are held in the body and have lost that conscious connection. That can be frustrating, but it also gives us a way to access the issue. Bodywork can be used to bring up the issue so that it can be addressed, not only on a conscious level, but also on a subconscious level. So yes, keep trying to stick to your goal, one day at a time, but also consider attacking the issue from other angles.

Find the old YOU who has been lost, the one with energy, confidence, and independence from medications. Get back to doing things you are passionate about and find healing in return.

Yes your DNA would show you if you are at risk, however, in many cases these risks can be avoided through diet and lifestyle choices. If you are interested in looking into cognitive health
and Alzheimer's/dementia, I would strongly suggest the online community at www.apoe4.info. Here you will find carriers of the gene that have been able to prevent any symptoms from developing even into their senior years. You will also find many resources for preventing all disease and chronic illness, not just cognitive.

Natural Nutrition – Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) with a focus on the intersection of mindful, guilt-free eating, body image and the essentials of nutrition for a balanced, happy life.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I'm going to echo the resounding response of "everyone"! The beauty of nutrition counseling is that the approach is tailored to each individual's specific needs, goals and concerns. Even if someone has a "healthy" diet nailed down, they could benefit in other ways as well. Personally I look at my clients' overall lifestyles, since everything is connected. For example, a stressed body may not reap as many nutrients from food, so stress management techniques and activities may be recommended.